Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg? Hell yeah maybe not all of you know him, but I bet most of you are using their invented products.

90% of you must have Facebooks, or sit on your desk with laptop installed Window OS. That’s pretty obvious that how they’re affecting your life.

How this technology business grows

Recently there are more than 500,000 computer sciences graduated from the university. That is 1000% bigger than in 2008, a considerable improvement since then.

It’s a little bit pathetic that most of the computer sciences these days are focusing on pursuing a career in the IT corporate rather than trying to invent something big like those people mentioned above.

To help this condition, Apple has now become partner with Code.org a programming tutorials organization to train more IT to be an entrepreneur.

While most of the targeted member are kids, their main focus of the program, Apple, and Code.org also suggest all the parents to encourage their child to start to learn code in nearly times.

So they will start to learn how to code with SWIFT language since three years old, with that we hope there will be new ITPreneurs in the future that can invent more technology that will affect humanity in positive manners


Want to let your children join this programs?